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Mail Address counting for license renewal

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Mail addresses are counted on your Libraesva Email Security Gateway license; this number is based on univocal Recipient Address number, for each Libraesva Email Security Gateway managed domain, to which at least an email has been sent (only the analyze ones, SMTP Reject are excluded).

This list is exported from Libraesva DB and it is visible in “Recipient Details” section (System–> Appliance–> License Settings).

The DB retention is defined in System –> Appliance –> Quarantine Settings (default 60days).

For any further information:

If the mailboxes number seems to be strange, you have to setup the recipient verification for each domain managed by Libraesva Email Security Gateway.

Valid Recipient List

During the following licenses night-time re-count, all the addresses not present in this list will be automatically exlcuded

Dynamic Verification

All the emails destined to non.existent recipients will be refused.
To remove the records previously inserted in the license count, you need to manually remove email address from the “Recipient Details” in System–> Appliance–> License Settings (all the data of that address will be deleted, included quarintined messages), or you have to wait that records will manually been be removed from retention time.

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