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Change hostname or ip in a Libra Esva Cluster environment

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I need to change the hostname or the ip address of a Libra Esva cluster node.


You can not change any network configuration when a Libra Esva Cluster is up and running. The web interface has all relevant configurations under System->Appliance->Network Configuration disabled on purpose. Do not try to change any of the information above from console as the normale cluster operation will fail.

If you need to amend any of these settings the correct procedure is as follows:

  1. Destroy the Libra Esva Cluster: this will leave the two nodes healthy with their configuration in place, delivering all email traffic as single nodes.
  2. Change the network settings on every single node
  3. Re-create the Cluster setup, by running the Cluster Wizard
NOTE: While the Destroy Cluster procedure is very fast and safe leaving in a few seconds the two nodes working independently, the following Cluster Wizard could take a lot of time to be completed depending on the database and quarantine size. During the Cluster Wizard rebuilt procedure the mail flow is put on hold and resumed only after the cluster wizard finished.

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