Libraesva ESG v4.1: Release Notes

Libraesva ESG

This upgrade updates your current Libra Esva to version 4.1

BUG Fixes

  • Encrypted RAR files are now correctly detected in all cases
  • Multi-domain admin search bug has been fixed
  • LDAP user cleaner tool now considers all LDAP sets
  • User import from file now immediately replicates to the other node of the cluster
  • White-Black lists: fixed a bug that in some conditions didn’t allow to add a user white-black list
  • Fixed export to CSV for messages with multiple recipients
  • FTP Backup: Fixed a bug on FTP restore
  • FTP Backup: Removed annoying logging when no backup is scheduled
  • Improved validation of smtp auth relay credentials
  • Improved validation of shared key in cluster wizard
  • Improved security: hide web php server information
  • Improved Login and quarantine speed access

New Features / Changes

  • QuickSand Sandbox: a file sandbox to detect and remove active content from office files and pdf files, it runs on the ESVA appliance (no cloud upload of files) and it is very fast. Active content is classified as Safe, Suspect, Indeterminate or Encrypted and for each category different actions can be chosen (deliver, clean and deliver, block)
  • Dictionary Based Rules; you can create/import dictionaries of words and phrases, you can define how many occurences trigger an action, you can configure the action (block, forward, add header) based on dictionary, sender, recipient
  • DKIM Signing support: full support for DKIM signing on the gateway
  • Theme Customization Tool: Esva web interface colors can now be customized with a simple pickup color table
  • UrlSand Sandbox: added a configuration parameter to disable the “I want to visit it anyway” feature, the user won’t be allowed to override the block and proceed to dangerous sites
  • UrlSand Sandbox: improved detection of URLs in the text part of the message
    Protection against brute force login attempts through the web interface, through smtp-auth and through ssh
  • LDAP import: new users inherit the settings of the domain admin user
  • Attachment Filters now support regular expressions on file names
  • Added an option to block the entire message when a non-allowed file is attached (instead of just removing the file)
  • Distributed setup: the configuration is now automatically versioned and nodes with outdated configuration are highlighted
  • Search: now supports date range and subject, both for local and distributed searches
  • SMTP restrictions: added configuration parameters for restrictions on HELO (required resolvable address, required FQDN) and on sender (unknown sender domain, required FQDN)
  • Selective mail queue purge available on console to purge from the mail queue only messages for specified senders/recipients
  • Administrative API: Add/Delete Domain now support hostname as a relay domain, uri sandbox and file sandbox configuration parameters
  • User API: added limit and offset, added search for from, fromDomain, date, subject, status
  • User API: added filter to return only quarantined messages
  • User API: added released status to the returned information
NOTE: Upgrade Script is available only for 64 bit appliances from our Download Area.