Libraesva ESG v4.2: Release Notes

Libraesva ESG

Libra Esva

BUG Fixes

  • Distributed Search: trailing spaces are now correctly trimmed
  • Fixed Scheduled Report for Domain Admins and Multi Domain Admins
  • DKIM fix for invalid characters in domain name and corrected invalid pathname configuration
  • Delivery Information now correctly reports all deliveries.
  • Content Filtering Rules: fix a bug with operators “equals” and “matched regular expression”
  • Reports: “Message Already Released” filter fixed
  • URLSandbox: whitelisting now works even if Phishing Highlight is set to disabled.
  • Fix Dictionary Rules bug with FromOrTo default on multiple rules
  • Fix issue on editing mail body in “User Management –> Text Import”
  • Grid export feature is now more reliable.
  • LDAP Global Filter now is applied also on authentication.
  • Fix bug on “Disarm Web Bug” inline pixel
  • Better TNEF Parsing (winmail.dat)


New Features / Changes

  • Threat sources World Map on Dashboard
  • Visual message route in Message Details
  • Whaling Phishing prevention
  • Custom Messages and Whitelisting for QuickSand
  • Passwordless user authentication with secure cookie from Quarantine Report
  • Many minor security enhancements with all engines
  • Archive Check handles more formats like .7z, .B64, .BZ, .BZ2, .CAB, .GZ, .MIM, .TAR, .TAZ, .TBZ, .TBZ2, .TGZ, .TZ, .UUE, .XZ, .Z
  • No Reboot needed on Upload License if not expired
  • Search Messages improvement: Added substring search for sender/recipient and show hostname in smtp rejected messages
  • Subaddressing Support
  • Many API improvements
  • Improved Quarantine Report layout for mobile devices
  • Reports: new filter on Time and logical operators (and/or) support
  • Domain tags on Domain Relay to simplify search and massive update
  • Multiple ethernet card support in web ui
  • Improved White/Black List Import by CSV
  • License count improvements (with manual alias association)
  • Message release request can be now notified also to domain admins
  • BitDefender AV Module New Update Server


NOTE: Upgrade Script is available only for 64 bit appliances from our Download Area.