Libraesva EA v22.8: Release Notes

Libraesva EA

Changes in EA v22.8

Main Features

  • Security bundle: urlsand integration
    The Libraesva Email Archiver can now integrates with the Urlsand protection. This engine actively blocks malicious email URLs to protect against spear-phishing attacks, zero-day exploits and ransomware. This protection is available both when using the Archiver from browser or from the Outlook plugin. When running an export, the admin can choose whether to rewrite all the links to take advantage of the Urlsand protection. This integration requires the security bundle to be included in the base license and can be enabled tenant-based.
  • Security bundle: antivirus support
    The Archiver now supports three antivirus engines: Avira, Clamav and BitDefender. When consulting emails, it’s possible to enable antivirus scan to protect users from infected attachment. If an antivirus engine detects an infected file, the Archiver prevents the user from downloading the attachment and forwarding or downloading the email. The user can optionally be allowed to perform these operation even if an antivirus detects something. The antivirus scan is available also when exporting emails from the Archiver. You can choose tenant-based which antiviruses to enable. The Antivirus protection requires the security bundle to be included in the base license. Avira and BitDefender are available with the per-mailbox license only, while Clamav is always available.
  • E-Discovery
    With the E-Discovery rules you can actively check for new specific emails coming to the Archiver. When configuring an E-Discovery rule you can select a saved search, in order to define the emails you are looking for, a frequency, according to which sending scheduled E-Discovery report and a list of email addresses to which sending the report to.
  • Full SMTP Google Workspace Journaling support
    The Libraesva Email Archiver now supports the native Google SMTP Journaling. There’s no need to configure an hoc IMAP journaling mailbox anymore.
  • Group and filter options to Google Workspace configuration
    When configuring a Google directory service for fetching users it’s now possible to define a group (which can be a group’s email address, a group alias o an unique group ID) or some Google filtering to be applied when fetching users.
  • Archived emails protocol number
    The Libraesva Email Archiver assigns to each archived email a protocol number, which is an unique identifier of each archived emails. This protocol number is unique and immutable, so you can uniquely identify each email on your the Archiver by using it. The protocol number automatically applies to already archived emails, too.
  • Directory service historical users
    The Libraesva Email Archiver automatically records the details of the users coming from all directory service. This allows to keep track of the details of all the users ever archived on the Archiver (starting from the release 22.8 update day) and to setup Microsoft 365 delegation with historical and dismissed users, too.


  • Multiple words filter
    When using the advances search, it’s now possible to filter by multiple words

  • Greater and lower than
    When searching emails, it’s possible to add a filter on the email size, to be greater or lower than a certain value.

  • Syslog
    The Archiver now supports the Syslog integration. You can configure it by inserting syslog server IP, port and protocol.

  • User filter
    When running a search, you can use an additional filter to match only the emails belonging to a particular user.

  • Add OID for license info/usage
    Some new OIDs are available to get information about license limits and license usage. You can find the detailed list of all available OIDs on the online documentation.

  • Allow to clone saved search
    Saved searches can now be cloned in order to create a copy which can be further modified.

  • User folders report
    A new report is now available. With the folders report you can list for each users (in a tenant) the count of its folders.

  • Check for IMAP and PEC single users credentials
    The Libraesva Email Archiver periodically checks for credentials validity about connectors. IMAP and PEC single users credentials are now periodically checked, too.

  • Export by folder
    When exporting emails from the Archiver, it’s now possible to export emails belonging to a specific folder of a specific user.

  • MSP license overuse For the Archiver running with a MSP license, the Archiver allows to exceed license limit for 30 days. If the overuse lasts for more than a month, the archiving process is suspended.

  • Extended Backup When configuring appliance backup, you can choose among single or extended backup. Simple backup is useful to backup the appliance configuration. Extended backup includes also information about users folder structure and a few emails meta-data.

  • Connector report schedule
    The connector report can be scheduled to retrieve data about the latest n days.

  • Sessions page
    In this new page the administrator can monitor all the active sessions on the appliance and possibly invalidate some of them.

  • Multi-tenant report
    This new report is particularly useful for MSP appliance. The reports contains aggregated information for each customer on the appliance.

  • 365 Shared-mailbox import
    The Graph connector can now synchronize 365 shared mailboxes even when they do not have an active license on 365.

  • Google Workspace calendar
    The Archiver can now deal with Google calendars and shared documents email notifications. The Archiver detects this type of emails and archives them.

  • Allow to clean user synchronization status by connector
    The user synchronization status for a specific connector can now be reset in order to collect information from scratch.

  • Mailbox license overuse
    For the Archiver running with a mailbox-based license, the Archiver allows to exceed license limit for 30 days. If the overuse lasts for more than a month, the archiving process is suspended.

  • PST of journaling mails
    The Archiver does now support the import of PST containing journaling emails. When running the import you have just to use a specific option for this type of archive.

  • Contains words feature
    When searching emails, this new filter type is available. You can provide a set of words and search for emails containing at least one of this words.

  • Increase PEC connector frequency
    The PEC connector synchronization, which was running hourly, is now launched every 30 minutes.

  • Monitor listener and connector inactivity through SNMP
    Some new OIDs are available to monitor listener and connector inactivity. You can find the detailed list of all available OIDs on the online documentation.


  • Fixed expired legal hold rules shown as active
  • Fixed multiple login buttons appearing when multiple directory services are configured
  • Allow to assign super-admin role only for users with no tenant associated
  • Fixed Archiver not importing emails with same message ID, folder within 24 hours
  • Fixes PST logs not showing due to 500 errors
  • Fixed URL too long when running a search
  • Allow to authenticate local users only associated with active tenants
  • Fixed IMAP importer skipping valid journaling emails when the attachment filename was missing
  • Fixed duplicated folders
  • Fixed volumes not readable for administrator users different than admin
  • Fixed PST imports triggering out of memory
  • Fixed archiving policies not working when saved with priority equal to 9999
  • Fixed PEC connector not deleting emails from mailbox
  • Fixed full-text search containing null word
  • Fixed connector synchronization randomly crashing on zip upload


  • Folder alphabetical order on Outlook Addin
  • Handle too big emails view on browser
  • Add support to Wasabi volumes Object Locked
  • Make users caching more resilient and prevent issues
  • Forcing retention rules now requires OTP if configured
  • Activate NTP by default on all appliances and make sure it’s synchronized
  • Show license overuse in dashboard card
  • Show MFA indicator on users page
  • Trigger high swap notification when swap usage is more than 75%
  • Increase PST import processes timeout

How to update

The Libraesva Email Archiver will automatically send an email notification about this major release.

In the section Settings > System > General, the update could be scheduled for the next night or started immediately.

For the Archivers hosted in the Libraesva Cloud, please contact to get the Archiver updated.