Libraesva ESG v4.0: Release Notes

Libraesva ESG

This upgrade updates your current Libra Esva to version 4.0


BUG Fixes

– HTTPD Service crashes
– Duplicated whitelist entries error
– Dangerous content release override with nested archives fixed
– Backup job errors fix
– Cluster wizard bug on the second cluster setup
– Rule Score Override Bug
– Full UTF-8 Custom Spam Rules Support
– Add domain bug
– SSL chain not used in apache configuration
– Blacklisting not working if message is not in quarantine
– Maillog download bug
– LocalRBL Performance issues
– Password protected zip archive release bug
– ISP API request protocol

New Features / Changes

– New Web UI
– URL Sandbox filtering feature
– High Availability Distributed Setup
– New Graymail Plugin
– Let’s Encrypt Certificates support
– Added forward action for clean messages
– Filechecks archive options now are on a per domain basis
– Quarantine Ask to Release email notification to admin
– Separate Clean Messages Quarantine Retention setting
– Bounced emails filter added to search function
– New API functions
SMTP Delay warning time option added
– Extension .jar is now blocked by default
– Core engines updated to latest available versions
– Libra Esva up to date status

NOTE: Upgrade Script is available only for 64 bit appliances from our Download Area.