Libraesva ESG v4.8: Release Notes

Libraesva ESG

Changes in v4.8.2 (Aug 03)


  • Quicksand integration with 7zip archives

Bug Fixes

  • Correctly count Office365 mailbox and aliases
  • ATP: fix display error on quota statistics page
  • Encryption Portal: remove spurious blob data which may prevent email display
  • Mail Relay test: allow long timeout, but warn about slow tests
  • Authentication redirect: correctly redirect to target page, for pages protected by safe-learn
  • When deleting relay domains also delete orphaned threat remediation connectors

Changes in v4.8.1 (Jul 27)


  • Require Global Privacy Password to enable domain level Privacy Passwords
  • Use DNS to fetch current stable version of Libraesva ESG
  • Apply whitelabel theme to error page
  • Rename “Disk” to “Storage” in UI

Bug Fixes

  • Restore user actions from quarantine reports when using anonymous users
  • Rollback “SMTP SASL Authentication require encrypted connection”
  • Properly compile DKIM domain configuration when mixing similar TLD
  • Web Portal Authentication: fix a UI issue when selecting enabled record for domain
  • Properly compile Local DNS configuration when multiple Local Forwarder are defined
  • Use Local Authentication instead of OAuth-2 for Domain Admins
  • Fix permission checks for User Actions
  • Fix UI error in ATP Access Control page

Changes in v4.8.0 (Jul 20)


  • Mail Intercept: allow recall of messages to unsual recipients
  • Social Graph: Social Interation graph with other Organisations, based on Domain/User
  • O365 Authentication: added Support for OAuth2-based authentication
  • Gsuite: native support for users and valid recipients import
  • Gsuite: added support for OAuth2-based authentication
  • Enable ports 465 (SMTPS) and 587 (Submission)
  • SMTP Auth Relay support LDAP Authentication
  • Implemented variable %public-url% for Logo&Messages and Quarantine Actions
  • Email Continuity: outgoing email will be sent to the mail server using a BCC to the From
  • Email Continuity: add download button
  • URLs in mail will be checked on our URL Blacklist
  • Message Details: add link to original message for released ones


  • Hostname changes will automatically execute reboot
  • New Hardware requirements for System Resources sizes
  • System Resources size will take effect also to the old ATP Profile
  • SMTP SASL Authentication require encrypted connection


  • Improved description for Whaling in configuration page
  • Add HTML template for all Report Messages
  • Add Domain Customization for all Report Messages
  • Load Avg gauge in Dashboard now show the last 5′ value
  • Search: Export will include also the Sender IP
  • Add Outlook Mail Messages to supported File Types in the Attachment Filters
  • Threat Remediation configuration for Zimbra now support non-default ports
  • Message Details: Show information about Scan Time for each message
  • Replace AWL with the new TxRep plugin
  • LDAP Configuration: add new Type for Zimbra
  • Quarantine Search: separate Spam & High-Spam Block Reason

Bug fixes

  • Add missing SMTP Reject to Summary report
  • Decode MIME for Subject in Mail Queues
  • Add Audit Log for System Resources changes
  • Automatic cleanup of unused Let’s Encrypt certificates
  • Urlsand rewrite in Email Continuity now ignore A tag without href
  • Adaptive Trust Engine: revoke trust on recall, mark as spam and blacklist
  • Fix wrong warning on disk space detection before Backup
  • DNS Query for private class addresses will not be resolved on internet anymore
  • Domain text import will execute automatically the Relay table rebuild
  • Trusted Network: fix wrong propagation of changes on Apply Settings button
  • Trusted Network: add check for duplicated networks before add/edit
  • Email Continuity: fix cid association of inline image
  • LDAP Authentication: fix bug on LDAP DN
  • Office365 Import: username will be assigned as alias, if is a valid email address
  • License Count: correctly handle of sub-addressing addresses