Libraesva ESG v4.5: Release Notes

Libraesva ESG

New Features / Changes

  • Mail Encryption reply from Web Portal, with support for internal and external users
  • Restricted senders at SMTP level
  • German language support
  • Anti-spam Engine updated to latest version
  • New first time senders plugin
  • Add options to hide or show viruses in quarantine report
  • New plugin to extract and analize URI listed in PDF
  • Allow decimal positions in spam scores
  • Privacy password per domain support
  • Add option to disable ClamAV for the whole appliance
  • Add Rescan tool to message report page
  • Add new “Force Plain” configuration option to Mail Encryption


  • Web UI: allow columns resize in many pages
  • Add comment field to many configurations
  • Block whole message option apply also to Quicksand blocked files
  • Reliable Bitdefender, ClamAV, MySQL and OpenDKIM and OpenDMARC check service status,
    with autorecovery and notifications on failures.
  • Mail Encryption: allow spaces in custom expression
  • Reports: new filter “Message Stored” to search for messages saved to quarantine
  • Auditing: log many new actions and improve search speed
  • Add message headers for sandbox status and results
    (X-%org-name%-Sandbox-Quicksand, X-%org-name%-Sandbox-URLSand)
  • URLSand: better rewrite in text-only email
  • QuickSand: runs also on spam and high-spam.
  • Improved TNEF/Winmail Support
  • Spam Actions UI: highlight domain customized settings
  • Custom theme color: speedup regeneration of theme
  • Better UI notification when upgrade is in progress or reboot is required
  • Faster generation of quarantine digests
  • Quicksand filter in report page support all operators

Bug fixes:

  • Fix email address shown in quarantine report for phishing attempts
  • Fix SASL Configuration replica during cluster setup
  • Improved trusted networks with O365 & Gapps
  • Fix replicate dkim keys in cluster wizard
  • Avoid mail notification on jobs allowed to temporary fail
  • QuarantineDigest: fix missing auth_link when other domain have NOAUTH
  • Cluster Wizard: stricter validation for IP and hostname during setup
  • Many fixes to quarantine cleanup tool
  • Log broken TNEF problems correctly
  • Prevent cluster resume if versions mismatch

Security fixes:

  • Improve login process and security
  • Always log SafeLearn anonymous user as WEB-ANON
  • Improve user messages when password-less is enabled
  • Enforce security on actions based on user type in quarantine actions
  • Release Message: prevent user releasing message to anyone else from singatures
  • Quicksand: max file size from 10M to 50M
  • IMAP Authentication: rewritten to increase security
  • MailScanner: deduplicate Content-Transfer-Encoding header
  • Better type matching for Microsoft OOXML documents
  • Detect attack based on chunked and concatenated Base64