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Create DateJuly 11, 2022
Last UpdatedApril 3, 2023

Changes in v5.1.0 (Jul 11, 2022)

Major features of this release

  • Users with quarantine action "release-only" or "none" cannot manage white and black lists in
    the UI anymore
  • Cluster: added replicate transport option for each domain (previously known as WAN cluster or Geo-Cluster
  • Any trusted network defined by the administrator can be configured to accept only email originated by internal
  • Outbound email traffic from Microsoft 365 and G Suite allows only email originated by internal domains (i.e.
    relay table)
  • New administrative REST API (/api/v2), stateless, JSON/HAL based, with support for Impersonation and OTP
  • Quarantine digest report: email addresses of other recipients are not listed for privacy protection
  • More granular management of the privacy password to view sensitive data
  • Message details now includes all URIs contained in the message and forensic data about them
  • Show asynchronous job status and failures to administrator on the Web UI
  • DMARC aggregated reporting can be enabled by the administrator
  • Audit log contains all the details of the actions performed

Full release notes

See the full release notes

Minor upgrades for this release, that is all versions named 5.1.x, are automatically updated as soon as they are publicly
available. Those updates include all security fixes and bug fixes which can be installed without service downtime and
for which the appliance expected behavior remains unchanged.

Breaking changes

This version introduces some changes which require your attention.

  1. Email from M365/G-Suite sent from unmanaged domains will go through additional SMTP transport
    . For incoming email,
    this will improve security since all SMTP reputation checks are always enabled. For outgoing email you
    have to make sure that all your domains used as "envelope sender" are listed into
    relay table page. Take extra care for subdomains of your relay domains,
    which MUST be explicitly added.
  2. Restricted user permissions for whitelist and blacklist. The web UI will honor the
    user's "Quarantine Action" configuration in all pages. Some users will not be able to manage
    and blacklists anymore if they are not explicitly given this permission. Change the
    "Quarantine Action" user's configuration to include whitelists and blacklists if needed.
    From the user manager page you may bulk update this setting for multiple users.
  3. Changed format of default subject tags. Subject prefixes added from ESG are now formatted as
    [Tag], while
    in previous versions were formatted as {Tags?}.
  4. Removed old API for ISP Panel. If this appliance is controlled by an external ESG with version
    5.1, after
    the upgrade the appliance needs to be associated again using a new API token generated from the API v2.

NOTE: This upgrade takes up to 5 minutes to complete and requires a system restart. A Snapshot is always recommended as a best practice!
All automatic updates changes are listed in the full release notes
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