Libraesva Email Security Gateway v5.1 Xen XVA

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Create DateMarch 22, 2023
Last UpdatedJune 13, 2023

Libraesva Email Security Gateway v5.1 XenServer

We are excited to announce the release of our leading email security suite Libraesva ESG version 5.1!

See new deploy requirements when upgrading from version 4.x.

30 days FREE demo license available with simple online request.

Main Features

  • Cluster: added replicate transport option for each domain (previously known as WAN cluster or Geo-Cluster option)
  • Any trusted network defined by the administrator can be configured to accept only email originated by internal domains
  • Outbound email traffic from Microsoft 365 and G Suite allows only email originated by internal domains (i.e. relay table)
  • New administrative REST API (/api/v2), stateless, JSON/HAL based, with support for Impersonation and OTP
  • More granular management of the privacy password to view sensitive data
  • Message details now includes all URIs contained in the message and forensic data about them
  • Show asynchronous job status and failures to administrator on the Web UI
  • DMARC aggregated reporting can be enabled by the administrator
  • Advanced audit log which contains all the details of the modified data

Full release notes and Breaking Changes

Read the full Release Notes of Libraesva ESG v5.1

Migration from ESG 4.9

It's possible to migrate all settings from an existing application or cluster. Follow our Libraesva ESG 4.9.x to Libraesva ESG 5.x: Migration guide.

NOTE: Migrating from ESG 4.x carries some limitation and breaking changes, especially for API and distributed setup. Please, review the "Breaking Changes" for all version from 4.9 to version 5.1

Upgrade to the latest release

Once completed wizard procedure, please upgrade the appliance to the latest release 5.2.

Upgrade package can be found here:


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