Libra Esva to Upgrade Script

Libra Esva 4100 to 4200 Upgrade 64
File Size3.21 MB
Create DateJune 15, 2017
Last UpdatedAugust 30, 2017

Libra Esva

BUG Fixes

Distributed Search: trailing spaces are now correctly trimmed
Fixed Scheduled Report for Domain Admins and Multi Domain Admins
DKIM fix for invalid characters in domain name and corrected invalid pathname configuration
Delivery Information now correctly reports all deliveries.
Content Filtering Rules: fix a bug with operators "equals" and "matched regular expression"
Reports: "Message Already Released" filter fixed
URLSandbox: whitelisting now works even if Phishing Highlight is set to disabled.
Fix Dictionary Rules bug with FromOrTo default on multiple rules
Fix issue on editing mail body in "User Management --> Text Import"
Grid export feature is now more reliable.
LDAP Global Filter now is applied also on authentication.
Fix bug on "Disarm Web Bug" inline pixel
Better TNEF Parsing (winmail.dat)


New Features / Changes

Threat sources World Map on Dashboard
Visual message route in Message Details
Whaling Phishing prevention
Custom Messages and Whitelisting for QuickSand
Passwordless user authentication with secure cookie from Quarantine Report
Many minor security enhancements with all engines
Archive Check handles more formats like .7z, .B64, .BZ, .BZ2, .CAB, .GZ, .MIM, .TAR, .TAZ, .TBZ, .TBZ2, .TGZ, .TZ, .UUE, .XZ, .Z
No Reboot needed on Upload License if not expired
Search Messages improvement: Added substring search for sender/recipient and show hostname in smtp rejected messages
Subaddressing Support
Many API improvements
Improved Quarantine Report layout for mobile devices
Reports: new filter on Time and logical operators (and/or) support
Domain tags on Domain Relay to simplify search and massive update
Multiple ethernet card support in web ui
Improved White/Black List Import by CSV
License count improvements (with manual alias association)
Message release request can be now notified also to domain admins
BitDefender AV Module New Update Server


NOTE: This upgrade  takes less than 2 minutes to complete and requires a system restart. A Snapshot is always recommended as a best practice!

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