Libra Esva to Upgrade Script

Libra Esva 3701 to 4000 Upgrade 64
File Size20.21 MB
Create DateSeptember 7, 2016
Last UpdatedMay 21, 2019

This upgrade updates your current Libra Esva to version 4.0

BUG Fixes

- HTTPD Service crashes
- Duplicated whitelist entries error
- Dangerous content release override with nested archives fixed
- Backup job errors fix
- Cluster wizard bug on the second cluster setup
- Rule Score Override Bug
- Full UTF-8 Custom Spam Rules Support
- Add domain bug
- SSL chain not used in apache configuration
- Blacklisting not working if message is not in quarantine
- Maillog download bug
- LocalRBL Performance issues
- Password protected zip archive release bug
- ISP API request protocol

New Features / Changes

- New Web UI
- URL Sandbox filtering feature
- High Availability Distributed Setup
- New Graymail Plugin
- Let's Encrypt Certificates support
- Added forward action for clean messages
- Filechecks archive options now are on a per domain basis
- Quarantine Ask to Release email notification to admin
- Separate Clean Messages Quarantine Retention setting
- Bounced emails filter added to search function
- New API functions
- SMTP Delay warning time option added
- Extension .jar is now blocked by default
- Core engines updated to latest available versions
- Libra Esva up to date status

NOTE: This upgrade  takes a couple of minutes to complete and requires a system restart. A Snapshot is always recommended as a best practice!
IMPORTANT:  This is a MAJOR upgrade, that involves important changes affecting the web interface. End user impact is minimal, administrator UI has many changes.

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