Libraesva ESG v3.6.0 to v3.6.5 Upgrade

Libra Esva 3600 to 3650 Upgrade 64
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File MD580361add7c7d55d50f5d752a7fa63742
File SHA256a37d11d0da166c085024eb408a6dd8099cdf658739ef303588980a8e66eb9ca4
Create DateDecember 13, 2015
Last UpdatedDecember 3, 2020

This upgrade updates your current Libra Esva to version

As important security fixes are involved, all users are encouraged to upgrade!

BUG Fixes

  • Contains All fixes from previous patches
  • Quarantine Files permission fix job
  • Fixed Static Route insert on secondary interface
  • Quarantine report now shows correctly header from address
  • API Error 500 Fixed
  • Compile Domain posible Bug Fixed
  • User text import fixed
  • LDAP Import Uppercase Email bug fixed
  • LDAP Filter Fixed (Email alias was an 'AND' condition instead of an 'OR' condition)
  • Ldap User Cleaner now supports ldap paging correctly
  • Increased domain and relay fields max lenght
  • White/Black List CSV Import fix (Domain Admin lists problem)

New Features / Changes

  • Notifications back to senders of blocked messages
  • Dangerous Content Settings
  • SMTP Policy Email Notification on quota exceeded
  • New dashborad charts
  • New Content Filtering module that allow pre-filter actions
  • Quarantine report links are now encoded for better security (Read User Impact!)
  • POP3 SSL Auth Support (To authenticate against Office 365 and Google)
  • Completely new Reporting Engine, that allows interactive charts and report schedule
  • Antispam Engine ShortURL analyzer plugin
  • Ping and Telnet commands added to Admin Shell User
  • New Safe Learn user table
NOTE: This upgrade could take up to 3-4 minutes to complete and requires a system restart. A Snapshot is always recommended as a best practice!
USER IMPACT: We improved Quarantine Report link security by encoding them. With this version older links of previously generated Quarantine Reports will no longer work. If a user clicks on a Quarantine Report link  generated with any earlier Esva version, the link will not work and a manual release from the interface is required. New delivered reports will work as usual. 
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