Libraesva ESG v3.5.1 to v3.6.0 Upgrade

Libra Esva 3510 to 3600 Upgrade 64
File Size1.80 MB
File MD5c32ed31c4121651cba4d882a9f797c1a
File SHA256dfaeb95a2f6efc15be7c76d1980eba19ff39ca75ffc61e66bd0e1a4cb253a6fc
Create DateSeptember 6, 2015
Last UpdatedDecember 3, 2020

This upgrade updates your current Libra Esva to version

As important security fixes are involved, all users are encouraged to upgrade!

BUG Fixes

  • Fixed Possible Cluster Crash with file replication
  • Fixed POODLE and LOGJAM Vulnerabilities
  • Fix Possible DoS Problem with MailScanner
  • Fixing Syslog Nightly Crash Bug (Still Open!)
  • Graymail Identification speed up (up to 13x faster!)
  • Fixed possible bug with message release
  • Fixed possible bug with whitelists and blacklists


New Features / Changes

  • Message Operations Report Delete Function Options to remove only stored message but keep DB entry
  • AV Option to Block Office Files with Macros
  • Better Spam Detection on New TLD
  • Option to Enable/Disable IP Plugin
  • Sender Dependent Smarthost Authentication
  • Backend PHP upgraded to 5.4
  • LDAP Paging Support
  • New Remote Support Option Tool
  • New Quarantine Report Engine with per user actions (Self Release, Mark for Release, No Release, Message Preview)
  • Easier Mailbox/Aliases management (License Settings)
  • Filename/Filetype rules now allow check versus (To, From, Both)
  • RevDNS Check Option under Relay
  • Dangerous Release to alternate Recipient
  • Dashboard Pie Graph now includes SMTP Rejects
  • Raw Maillog Download Option
  • Domain Administrator and Multi Domain Administrator Dashbord Graphs
  • Date Format for message listing (ddmmyyyy / mmddyyyy)
  • Option to remove specific headers from messages


NOTE: This upgrade could take up to 10 minutes to complete (we have to generate a 2048 bit DH key) and requires a system restart that takes longer than usual to complete, so do not worry and just wait for it to complete. A Snapshot is always recommended as a best practice!
CLUSTER USERS: This is a special upgrade and requires that you upgrade both nodes simultaneously, without waiting for the first one to reboot and restart, otherwise will fail! 
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