Libra Esva 3.7 Released!

This upgrade updates your current Libra Esva to version

As important security fixes are involved, all users are encouraged to upgrade!

BUG Fixes

  • Audit Log Visualization Bug
  • Notification and Dagerous Content Settings default settings bug
  • Quarantine list search bug
  • SMTP Rejected filter bug with multiple pages
  • Added timeout to sleep mysql connections
  • Annoying interface bug while dragging popup windows
  • Fixed odd bug on Domain Transport maps
  • Fixed small bug with machine hosts file
  • Fixed Cluster Outbound Queue Visualization
  • Fixed POP3S Auth Bug with Office 365
  • Fixed odd bug with release link to multiple recipients
  • Fixed Avira and BitDefender AV Output Strings
  • Fixed BCC Content Filtering Action

New Features / Changes

  • New Macro Malware database added to SaneSecurity Signatures
  • New Macro Identification Plugin with default score of 5
  • Upgraded https SSL Protocol and Ciphers
  • Upgraded Postfix to version 3.0.4
  • Upgrated MailScanner package to latest version
  • Added FTP Backup Logging
  • IMAP Authetication Support
  • Administrative API Enhacements
  • Better Visualization of Domain Inherited settings in a multi tenant enviroment
  • New First Configuration Wizard
  • ISP Monitoring Interface
  • Updated Unrar version to latest
  • User Autocreation Setting multi checkbox
  • White/Black lists Import/Export for Domain Admins
  • Domain Admin users management
NOTE: Upgrade Script is available only for 64 bit appliances from our Download Area.
NOTE: CSS file will be overwritten, if you made any customization to it take your own backup copy before upgrading.
IMPORTANT: A new Firewall Port is required! Open Port HTTPS (443) Outgoing !