Libra Esva 3.6.5 Released!

This upgrade updates your current Libra Esva to version


As important security fixes are involved, all users are encouraged to upgrade!

BUG Fixes

  • Contains All fixes from previous patches
  • Quarantine Files permission fix job
  • Fixed Static Route insert on secondary interface
  • Quarantine report now shows correctly header from address
  • API Error 500 Fixed
  • Compile Domain posible Bug Fixed
  • User text import fixed
  • LDAP Import Uppercase Email bug fixed
  • LDAP Filter Fixed (Email alias was an ‘AND’ condition instead of an ‘OR’ condition)
  • Ldap User Cleaner now supports ldap paging correctly
  • Increased domain and relay fields max lenght
  • White/Black List CSV Import fix (Domain Admin lists problem)

New Features / Changes

  • Notifications back to senders of blocked messages
  • Dangerous Content Settings
  • SMTP Policy Email Notification on quota exceeded
  • New dashborad charts
  • New Content Filtering module that allow pre-filter actions
  • Quarantine report links are now encoded for better security (Read User Impact!)
  • POP3 SSL Auth Support (To authenticate against Office 365 and Google)
  • Completely new Reporting Engine, that allows interactive charts and report schedule
  • Antispam Engine ShortURL analyzer plugin
  • Ping and Telnet commands added to Admin Shell User
  • New Safe Learn user table
NOTE: Upgrade Script is available only for 64 bit appliances from our Download Area.
NOTE: CSS file will be overwritten, if you made any customization to it take your own copy before upgrading.
USER IMPACT: We improved Quarantine Report link security by encoding them. With this version older links of previously generated Quarantine Reports will no longer work. If a user clicks on a Quarantine Report link  generated with any earlier Esva version, the link will not work and a manual release from the interface is required. New delivered reports will work as usual.