Libra Esva to Upgrade Script (64 bit)

Libra Esva 3500 to 3510 Upgrade 64
File Size1.23 MB
Create DateMay 11, 2015
Last UpdatedJanuary 17, 2017

This upgrade updates your current Libra Esva to version

As security fixes are involved, all users are encouraged to upgrade!


  • Fixed Syslog crash
  • Audit Log when releasing messages from Digest Report
  • Full Subject UTF8 Support
  • Message Release function improvements
  • Bayesian autolearning
  • Backscattering Spam Score fixed
  • Many minor bugs fixed
  • Unrar Archive support
  • Fixed TrackMail Bug
  • Fixed BitDefender Activation on 32bit migrated appliances


  • Graymail Identification and Block Feature
  • LDAP Custom Filters
  • Whitelist/Blacklist now correctly splits multiple receivers and check against both From/Envelope From
  • Force Web Portal to HTTPS
  • Domain Relay Management Optimized for large entries
  • Timezone Settings
  • TLS Certificate Upload
  • Static Routes Eth1 support
  • SaneSecurity Signatures Support
  • Updated IP Reputation and SEM Plugins
  • Queue Status for both cluster nodes in dashboard panel
  • New realtime ajax raw maillog viewer tool
NOTE: This upgrade could take up to 5-6 minutes to complete (very large databases takes longer to be updated) and requires a system restart. A Snapshot is always recommended as a best practice!

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