Email Security Gateway How To's

2 - Initial Setup with Web Wizard

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Libra ESVA is configured to respond to the IP If this address conflicts with another on your network or if you have a different subnet, it is possible to change it via console access. Login username is admin with password password.

Select Option 2 Change Network Settings, next Device Configuration and edit eth0 device settings. Do not change DNS or HOSTNAME specific settings, as will be done next by the first time configuration wizard.






Once ready, digit into the browser address bar (Headed by Internet Explore 8 and later versions and with Firefox 3 and later versions, Google Chrome and Safari): (or whatever address you assigned)


At this time all configurations are taken over by the web configuration wizard.

By selecting the menu Date & Time Settings, the following screen will appear:


Set the current date and time in the specified format and choose the Time Zone. If the host is set to utilize the UTC hour, select the appropriate box.

Select Network Configuration:




Use the following guidelines for your network configuration:


IP Address the IP address to be assigned to Libra ESVA
Netmask Netmask in appropriate format, for example:
Gateway Default Gateway
Your LAN Network The address of your. LAN. From this subnet Libra Esva will allow relay.
Hostname The Libra ESVA  Machine hostname. Use a FQDN name, for example  The hostname should be the same as the Internet DNS A record. The domain part of your hostname will be the default domain Libra Esva will clean email for.


Select: Antispam Configuration:




Precisely fill in all fields:


Organisation Name A Short name without spaces describing your Organization.
Organisation Long Name A longer name. Spaces are permitted.
Organisation Website The website address of your company, starting with http://
Organisation Mailserver The mailserver to which Libra ESVA will forward clean mail. It can be a name as well as an IP address.
Email for system messages The email address to which all informative emails should be sent concerning the status of Libra Esva:, for example log file, system problems, warnings etc., should be a controlled box!.
Antispam child processes Maintain a default of 2 unless there is a very heavy installation  (more than 2000 messages/hour). By Increasing this value you are required to increase VM resources. (About 4 x nr. of CPU cores. Each 5 children requires 1GB RAM)
Your two-letter IANA country code The two letter code assigned to your country. For Italy use IT. The complete list can be found at:


Select: SSL Certificate:


Those informations will be used to create a self signed certificate for TLS secure communications.




Completion of the following fields is compulsory:


Country Name The same country code inserted before.
State or province The initials of the province or nation
Locality Name Your city or town
Organization Name Company or Organization name
Organization Unit Company division name or simply a period (.)
Common Name FQDN name of the ESVA machine as previously entered
Email Address An email address that will appear in TLS certificate.


At this point thoroughly verify all inserted data, scrolling through the various Tabs, and then press Save & Reboot to complete the initial Libra ESVA configuration.step-5

Before rebooting your ESVA, use the “Check Firewall” tool to verify if the appliance can connect to the external TCP ports required for AntiSpam and AntiVirues comunications.


Libra ESVA will be restarted with the new configuration.

Libra ESVA is ready and configured to receive and scan electronic mail for the deault domain!

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