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4 - Change default passwords

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As indicated in the last Wizard screen, please change the following default passwords.
Default Passwords

  • Web Dashboard
    Username:        admin
    Password:        password
  • Console Access
    Username:        admin
    Password:        password

Change Web Credentials

Connect your browser to the IP address or to the previously assigned machine name. Carry out the following steps:


  • Login with the default credentials
  • Click on System, and therefore, User Management
  • Edit the user admin
  • Change the password for admin
  • Click on the save when done.
  • Click Logout

It will be necessary to relogin with new credentials.








Change Console Credentials

Open your Hypervisor console:


  • login with the above default credentials
  • Select Option 7, Change Console Admin Password
  • Enter and confirm the new console password

console menu


NOTE: From this menù you have the option 8 to reset web admin to it’s defaults.

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