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How to sign up on TAP and connect your Esva Appliance

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In version 4.3 Libra Esva has introduced the new Threat Analysis Portal, where you can analyze the threat data coming from your Esva installation.

These are the steps to sign up on the portal and associate your Esva installation with the account newly created.
Each License can be linked to more than one account.

  1. Go to Threat Analysis Portal | Register and fill all required data. After registration you will be sent a confirmation email to the specified address.

  2. Login to the Portal Threat Analysis Portal | Sign In with your account
  3. Login on your Libra Esva with an administrative account and then go to System –> Appliance –> System preferences

  4. Click on “Connect with Portal” to associate the License of your Esva Appliance to the Portal. You will be redirect to the Threat Analysis Dashboard with the license associated

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